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Junkaholic, vintage and secondhand store open in Wrangle, Boston

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and Woody the Junkaholic has assembled bargain secondhand vintage , curios, furniture and more at his uncluttered, easy-to-shop store, aptly named Junkaholic, on the Main Road in the quaint village of Wrangle, located in the Boston Borough of Lincolnshire, England. If you’re searching for one-of-a-kind items, “something different,” painted furniture, or fun, retro items you wouldn’t find elsewhere, visit Junkaholic. With friendly service, Junkaholic even takes requests - if you can’t find what you like in our secondhand store in Boston, fill out a “wish list card” and we’ll see if we can get it for you.

By the way, if you do find something in the store you love but you don’t know how you’d be able to get it home, Junkaholic can deliver items for a small fee. With a keen eye for quality bargains, Woody keeps up with industry trends, bringing you first rate items at secondhand prices. Visit our secondhand store at Wrangle in Boston today for a fun experience - lots of unique items to see!


Upcycled singer sewing machine table £125 #junkaholic_uk #upcycled #boston_uk #vintage

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Beautiful glass shade £65 #junkaholic_uk #vintage #bostonuk #bostonuk

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Knock on the door, what's in store?

Junkaholic, Secondhand and Vintage Store in Boston only opened in 2014, but instantly put the other secondhand and vintage shops in Boston to shame. This is a vintage store, covering it’s ground floor shop of glorious old and secondhand furniture. The building itself has been jazzed up inside for your eyeball’s pleasure. Buyer and proprietor Woody provides killers, no fillers. Come and have a browse, you’ll be surprised what’s in store.

For sale:

Tables, chairs, coffee tables, cupboard, bookcases, typewriters, sewing machines, table lamps, standard lamps, pub tables, pictures, enamel signs, pub mirrors, posters, prints ahhh out of breath ... and loads more!

Items you buy from our shop will change your life, for example:

  • In stock are a variety of dining room tables and chairs so you can entertain your friends and family. More fun would be to  indulge in a romantic meal just for two? When was the last time you had date night ..... Also for your quirkiness we do have some tables without chairs and some chairs without tables so you can mix and match.
  • Think outside of the cardboard box ..... if you are going to have a toy box, record box, paperwork box or linen box (need I go on) why not have a vintage suitcase which looks fab and you will be surprised how much you can fit inside! Stack them up and you will stand back, look and be chuffed. You are now more organised than you have ever been, allowing your mind to be clutter free and (sorry in advance) "bang on trend".
  • Although we do not hold beds in stock (as they fly out of the door like bed knobs and broom sticks) when we do we will advertise this on Facebook, so do like our page for more info www.facebook.com/junkaholicvintagestore voila!
shop stock at junkaholic in wrangle boston
shop stock at junkaholic in wrangle boston
Welcome to Junkaholic, Cassette Tape from the olden days